she smells good…

March 17, 2010

I was over at Afrobella’s blog yesterday and she talked about her first beauty memories. The first things I thought of when my memory came up were fragrances- one was a scent my grandma used to wear and the other was my first real fragrance.

I’ve realized since then I’ve kinda been obsessed with perfume and that certain fragrances conjure up particular memories in my head

Chanel No. 5- Reminds me of my paternal grandma. She used to live with us and had a dresser full of perfume. She always used this on Sundays and special occasions and I think she sprayed so much that the scent just lingered in the room all week. Whenever I smell it I think of her.

Estee Lauder Beautiful- This was my mom’s signature scent for YEARS. I can’t smell it and not think of her. She’s since moved on (thanks to me) but this was her signature scent forever (until I was old enough to start buying her other stuff lol).

Love’s Baby Soft- this right here is a CLASSIC. My grandma told my dad to go get me some perfume so that I could stay out of hers. This is what he got me. I wore it until it could spray no more.

Petite Nate by Jean Nate- This was the first perfume that I actually purchased for my self. I got it at Peoples Drug (now CVS) and I knew I was the ish. I was probably 11 or 12 and I used my allowance to get this. I loved it and wore it forever.

Versace Red Jeans- I got this as a gift going into High School from my mom. I felt like I was the ish because I had Versace (say what lmao). I loved the container and the canister it came in. I really thought I was cute using this and wore it ALL the time. Then got EXTRA siced when I got the pink jeans and yellow jeans mini’s lol

L’eau D’issey By Issey Miyake For Women- This was my first big girl fragrance. I remember wearing this all throughout college (along with a lot of other stuff) but this was my stand out wear it on a hot date frargance. I loved it and wore it until one day I just got sick of it (like I do with most things).

Bvlgari Jasmine Noir- When I purchased this perfume I felt like a real adult. Outside of the very adult price tag, the fragrance was just mature and sexy to me and whenever I wear it I feel like a woman. I got it at a trend show and really felt adult and sassy buying it.

Ahh the memories… The sad part is this is only a portion of my fragrance obsession. I love smelling good and the confidence I exude when I do. But these have such great memories for me and hold special places in my heart.

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