What’s Going On: Buick Discovery Tour

October 18, 2011

Over the weekend I had the chance to head to the Westin in Annapolis for the second Buick Discovery Tour sponsored by Food & Wine magazine and of course Buick. This was my second year in attendance and it was just as interesting and exciting as last.

The day is basically a day dedicated to exploring new food and wine and of course new cars.

This year I was in group A which meant I got to test drive first. They had a fleet of cars outside ready for us to test out and I chose the Buick Regal turbo. Surprisingly it was rather sleek and was very modern and my speed. I also love that you can change to sports mode which is great for those that love to drive a little fast (like myself). I liked the course this year in Annapolis versus last year when it was in Alexandria. I had the chance to spend a little more time in the car and I got to drive on different surfaces since Annapolis has some cobblestone areas. Overall the car was really nice. I’m not quite in the market to buy yet but I definitely told my mom about it since she’s considering something in the near future.

Buick Regal Turbo

Now on to my favorite part. The food!

Our second part of the journey we went into a session with Ben Roche the pastry chef from Moto Restaurant in Chicago. He was outstanding and very innovative in his cooking which I enjoy. If you aren’t into fancy food it may not excite you but I was thrilled in the presentation. He made a ‘bacon maple syrup and sage ice cream’ in a stand mixer with liquid nitrogen. It sounds awkward but it was kind of weirdly fantastic.

Chef Roche using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream

And yes I haven’t eaten meat in ages but I figured why not and if I’m going to eat it why not in ice cream lol.  So back to the ice cream, on out plate it was accompanied by a s’mores bomb which was like a chocolate shell filled with a liquid graham cracker that was lit on fire like a little bomb to give the smokey flavor.

bacon maple sage ice cream and the s'mores bomb

Our next stop was to see Dublin native Chef Cathal Armstrong, who was named as one of Food & Wines best new chefs. I wasn’t familiar with his name but I am really familiar with his restaurants the Majestic, Eamonns and Restaurant Eve. They were all within miles of my old job so I frequented them all (especially Eamonns for the fish and chips). He made the most amazing sashimi dish and was so amazing and engaging with the crowd. He discussed buying local and American when it comes to food and his journey as an immigrant from Ireland to America. Any chef that convince and entire room to eat american red snapper sashimi has to be doing something great.

sashimi of snapper w/pumpkin spice vinaigrette and a butternut squash and pecan relish

Our next stop was to see Michael Green who returned from the year before. His presentation last year  is the reason that I can say gin is one of my favorite alcohols to mix with. This year he focused on wine. As usual he was very funny, entertaining and educational at the same time. He condensed all the info you needed to know about wine into a great 20 min presentation. I love that he told the crowd if it tastes good to you that’s all that matters when it comes to wine.

2010 Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc & 2009 M. Chapoutier Cotes-Du-Rhone

The main presenter was Chef Ming Tsai  from the PBS show Simply Ming  and owner of Blue Ginger. I’ve only seen him on tv but he was a really great fun and interactive chef. he had the ballroom in the hotel smelling absolutely amazing and he inserted colorful humor and great tips and techniques into his presentation to the crowd.  He demo’d chicken chow mein and sweet and sour mango pork and we got to sample the chicken which went perfectly great with the wines we had out as well.

chicken and tri-bell pepper chow mein

An added bonus was we all received a signed copy of his book One Pot Meals and got the latest copy of Food & Wine

One-Pot Meals

This was a great event and like last year it keeps Buick in my mind when considering or recommending a car. Also if you are just a lover of food it’s a really fabulous event to attend. I’m definitely looking forward to it next year.

Also. I wasn't paid for this post. Just thought I'd share a really great event that comes around yearly

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