About Seven

Whether it’s events, music, giving back, travel, shopping, quotes or random things that pop in my head, this site serves as a place where life inspiration and creativity can collide.

I share my exciting events, life experiences, thoughts, ideas, goals and anything that I think may be helpful for me and others.

Where did the name come from? 

Creative- well that’s pretty simple. That’s always been a way that people have described me. I’ve always written, been into public speaking, loved to sing, perform and the list goes on. If you ask my mom to describe me, creative would be one of the words she uses.

As far as Seven.  The simple answer is I’m a Delta and my line number is seven.  The longer answer is that seven is considered to be a powerful and spiritual number. The number is also associated with being scientific and inventive and the typical seven person is spiritually inclined, unique, eccentric and a deep thinker. All are how I perceive myself and hope to be.


3 Responses to “purpose”

  1. MsXpat said

    I like the idea behind your blog, as well as the vibe.

  2. audacitytobe said

    Oo-oop Soror! I like your blog. I too am a 7 and the meaning of it definitely resonates with me. I deem it to be some kind of devine manifestation that it ended up being my line number. Anywho, keep up the good work.

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