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I’m a communications and media professional in the Washington, DC area. I have over seven years of experience in the communications field including: non-profit public relations, healthcare communications, media training, outreach, journalism and social media.

In my spare time I freelance as a creative development consultant (check out the hire me page) and have rekindled my passion for blogging on this site . When I’m not busy doing all of those things I’m singing, shopping, traveling, serving and looking for my next adventure.

This blog is my personal space where I share my thoughts, ideas, goals and anything that I think may be helpful for me and others.

I’m passionate about people and and I’m passionate about helping others. I want everyone to live their best life ever. This blog is my space to share how I’m trying to create the best life for me and I welcome you to join me on this ride. ♡

5 Responses to “me”

  1. Naseya said

    I found your blog from BlogsHerColor…I like what I see so far…very clean layout. I will be following you especially since we’re both in the DC area.

  2. Christen Nicole said

    thanks so much for stopping by

  3. sepiabrown said

    nice blog… found it browsing on wordpress… I’ll be back often :)

    Be great.

  4. Nice site… my background is also in PR and strategic comm along with TV news. Thanks so much for stopping by Haute Travels!

  5. [...] have archived the post, however, including a communications and media professional who blogs at Chic.Seven. Her pdf is available [...]

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