Since I haven’t gone to bed yet I’m still pretending it’s still Monday. I had a SUPER long day filled with doctors appointments, work, meetings, shopping and writing. So I’m finally unwinding at 2:30 am…sitting on my bed, still in a wrap dress, listening to slow jams, with a glass of jam jar (an awesome South African wine) and a candle burning. Today (yesterday) was the King of Pops 53 birthday so I have to play homage to him in my musical selection this week.

One of my favorite cd’s by him is “Off the Wall,” a. because I LOVE the cover and b. because the music is great

See that cover just exudes coolness and he’s really handsome on it. 

So I have two selections for today Can’t Help It and my FAVORITE song to dance to Rock With You. 

Also some of what is distracting me from writing here is me writing for a new online magazine. Check out some of my pieces in PynkMag

Rock With You

June 25, 2010

One year ago today the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away. I remember I was in Scottsdale celebrating my birthday when the sad  came over the radio.

Rock With You is hands down my favorite Michael Jackson song. I seriously can’t sit still when it comes on (I’ve made my eight year old nephew love it too) and the video is simple but great. I mean who else could wear a sequin jumpsuit and still look cool BUT MJ


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